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SOA Testing and HP

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on September 23, 2009

From Tech Target

Service-oriented architectures involve distributed applications with pieces that can be spread out across an enterprise’s infrastructure. This presents a challenge to QA teams who must deal with multiple access points, dependencies and degrees of availability when testing changes to service functions.

Virtualizing system configurations is becoming a popular way to deal with this issue. A developer can remove the real-world system dependencies while simulating their influence.

HP has put faith in this approach by signing a deal with software testing vendor iTKO to resell its LISA Virtualize testing suite. The company plans to package LISA with its HP Quality Management, Functional and Performance Testing products.

LISA gives developers the ability to simulate the behaviour and performance of system configurations that a piece of software would need to be tested on. The performance of a simulated system can be dialled up or down to mimic various performance issues.

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