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5 Useful test cases for testing User Interfaces

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on September 24, 2009

From Software Planner Newsletter

  1. Error messages: Ensure that error messages are informative, grammatically correct, and not condescending.
  2. Shortcuts: If your application allows short cut keys (like CTRL+S to save), test each shortcut to ensure it works in all different browsers (if the application is web based).
  3. Invalid choices: Do not include instructions for choices not available at the time. For example, if a screen cannot be printed due to the state of the data, the screen should not have a Print button.
  4. Invalid menu items: Do not show menu items that are not available for the context you are currently in.
  5. Dialog box consistency: Use a style guide to document what choices are available for dialog boxes. You should have not have Save/Cancel dialog on one screen and an OK/Cancel on another, this is inconsistent.

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