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Methodical Design and Test of Software

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on September 29, 2009


The single most important factor promoting software development agility is the ability to functionally test new or changed software. The tests must be on demand, immediate, thorough, and rapid – as well as separate from the hardware.

Untested software will always have defects or issues when first brought up on target hardware. This is true regardless of how skilled the coders are and how rigorous the rest of the development process may be. Manual testing of software on the hardware is feasible during early development but it takes longer (and costs more) as the product approaches full function. Schedule and budget pressures frequently cut into time required for thorough manual software testing without consideration of the consequences. But taking short cuts with manual testing only leads to more overlooked bugs that disrupt smooth product introductions, or worse, result in field actions and possible recalls.

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