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IBM Cloud software testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on September 30, 2009

From Information Week

IBM’s CloudBurst appliances are based on Intel, not IBM Power, chips and will make use of eight-core Nehalem or Xeon 5500 chips. The CloudBurst appliance “brings a lot of piece parts together into a coherent package,” he says. Customers will be able to consult a catalogue of software combinations for CloudBurst, such as DB2 combined with the WebSphere Application Server.

“We create the templates and load them with VMware licenses. The customer can then select the software from a self service approach,” and buy the above combination, or, say, Rational development tooling that fits a project about to get underway.

Software testing and quality assurance (QA) is another area where a CloudBurst appliance, either inside or outside the enterprise, could be used to advantage, he said. In effect, IBM is going to offer its expertise in constructing enterprise software environments as part of a self service catalogue.

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