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SAP centred partnership announced

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on October 16, 2009

From PRnewswire

IntelliCorp, a worldwide provider of application lifecycle management (ALM), business process and data management software for SAP users, today announced a partnership with smartShift, the leading international provider of solutions for the tool-based modernization of complex IT systems. Combined with IntelliCorp’s unique intelligent impact analysis products, smartShift for SAP automates ABAP custom code remediation, significantly reducing project duration, resources, risks and costs of SAP ALM.

“SAP customers can automate more than 90 percent of ABAP custom code remediation during upgrade and Unicode projects when combining IntelliCorp’s products with smartShift for SAP,” explained Thomas Iseler, EVP Americas & global marketing for smartShift. “Streamlining that critical element of SAP ALM activities reduces the difficulty of ABAP custom code conversions, limits development downtime to just a few days, improves testing and empowers IT to produce higher quality on-budget/on-time projects.”

SAP load testing

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