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Posted in Software testing by testing in London on October 28, 2009

From Trading Markets

Software Performance Assurance (SPA), a specialist provider of software testing services has launched its 4G LTE testing solutions extending its Mobility, IMS, 3G, VoIP, GPRS, GSM testing solutions. SPA also announced that it added Spatial Wireless co-founder Mike Tatachar to its leadership team.

“SPA is at the forefront of LTE deployment with its LTE test expertise and LTE test lab,” said Ram Garg, CEO, SPA. “With our strong Mobility, LTE, IMS, 3G, GPRS, and 2G testing solutions, we look forward to working closely with our customers in North America and Europe as they build and transition to LTE during 2009 and beyond.”

SPA also named Mike Tatachar Chief Strategy Officer effective immediately to strengthen its LTE initiative specifically and Telecom capabilities in general. Tatachar, a seasoned telecom executive and entrepreneur, co-founded Spatial Wireless, a startup that built a leading-edge Wireless Call Server, and served as VP of Engineering Operations. Spatial Wireless was eventually sold to Alcatel-Lucent.

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