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IEEE ICT2010 International Conference on Telecommunications 2010

Posted in conference by testing in London on October 31, 2009

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Special Track on Reconfigurable Computing for Telecommunications, Networking, and Signal Processing April 4-7, 2010, Doha, Qatar  Technically sponsored by IEEE IEEE-Communication Society

This year, the International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2010) is dedicating a track to highlight advances in reconfigurable computing technologies.

The Technical Program Committee cordially invites you to submit original papers in one of the following areas.

RECONFIGURABLE ARCHITECTURES: Communication systems; coarse-grained arrays; logic fabrics; interconnects and networks; analog arrays; evolvable hardware and adaptive systems; fault tolerant hardware; intellectual property cores; dynamic, partial, or run-time reconfiguration.

DESIGN METHODOLOGIES AND TOOLS: CAD tools for reconfigurable architectures; domain-specific languages and tools; system-level design techniques; testing, verification, and performance evaluations; hardware/software co-design; system-level partitioning.

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