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Acceptance testing in the Lottery industry

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on November 7, 2009

From Open Group

Acceptance Testing is the process by which the lottery verifies that the delivered lottery system or system components meet all of the contractual requirements, meet the lottery’s standards for quality, and are thus acceptable for deployment into the lottery environment.

All planned testing to be performed for acceptance must be documented in the Acceptance Test Plan. The Acceptance Test Plan must cover the areas documented in the Requirement Checklist, and if the lottery believes that an area is not applicable for the product being tested, the Acceptance Test Plan must state the reason explicitly along with supporting documentation.

Best practice in Acceptance Testing involves the use of a defined testing process that spans test planning, test specification, test execution, and test reporting. Good Acceptance Testing will clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of the lottery and the vendor, be based on standard Acceptance Testing procedures, and use an agreed approval process with defined acceptance criteria.

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