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Checking versus Testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 24, 2009

From Silicon India

The long drawn out debate on what a company should opt for, automated testing or manual testing, is finally cut short by Michael Bolton, Founding Partner of DevelopSense, while speaking at the 9th Annual International Software Testing Conference. He strongly opposed the process of testing by machines.

Bolton says that there is a huge difference between checking and testing. Checking is a process of confirming and verifying and can be done by machines. Testing, on the other hand, is an activity that requires humans to perform. “We test not only for repeatability, but also for adaptability, value and threats to the value,” Bolton added. A machine lacks emotions and hence will only do what we program it to do.

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  1. Website design said,

    Hey thanks for the updates.Testing and checking are terms we use very often.Good to see you pointing out the differences.Look forward to more informative posts like this one from you.

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