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QC (Quality Center)

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on December 6, 2009

From Wikipedia

QC (Quality Center) is a web based Test Management Tool by Mercury Interactive (now HP). It is currently on version 10. It is based on Client Server technology and has five main modules/tabs: Releases, Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects for management of testing processes.

The Test Plan tab is used for creating or updating different Test Cases. The Test Cases are contained in different folders which are displayed in a tree like structure. It can store both Manual as well as Automated test cases. Manual Test Cases can be written locally or imported from Excel Sheets. With each ‘Test Step’ having Expected Result and ActualResult section. QC supports automated script developed for different Automation Tools like QTP or LoadRunner. These scripts can be saved directly from the Tool into the Test Plan tab of QC. However, prior to this, appropriate QC Add-in needs to be installed to support an Automation Tool.

HP Quality Center

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  1. e-commerce solutions said,

    Thanks for the details.Always get to learn a lot from your posts.Will check this one out.

  2. David said,


    Did anyone ever worked with QPack ( ?
    It seems a very interesting tool for a complete development lifecycle, exactly what we need in our company, and it has a free edition.
    I wanted to hear some references before evaluating it



  3. Steve said,

    We are using it for both requirements managment and traceabiltiy to test coverage. The tool has great competative analysis vs. other tools I know in the market. Also due to good price list we could prove ROI to our managment in order to take decision.

    Most of all their support is excellent.

  4. David said,


    We have downloaded the QPack ALM free edition. Indeed, this tool looks very promising and we are thinking of moving to the commercial edition soon.

    Thank you for the reply


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