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Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques

Posted in conference by testing in London on December 19, 2009

From DisCoTec 10

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Languages and Models: new language and modeling concepts for distribution and concurrency including object-oriented, aspect-oriented, reflection, and meta-programming technologies; integration of language and modeling paradigms
  • Semantic Foundations: semantics for different types of languages, including programming languages, modeling languages, and domain specific languages; real-time and probability aspects; type systems and behavioural typing
  • Formal Methods and Techniques: design, specification, analysis, verification, validation and testing of various types of distributed systems including communications and network protocols, service-oriented systems, and adaptive distributed systems. Advances in tool-based formal analyses such as static analysis, model checking, theorem proving, and deductive verification for realistic programming and modeling languages are especially encouraged.
  • Applications of Formal Methods: applying the existing methods and techniques to distributed systems, particularly web services, multimedia systems, and telecommunications
  • Practical Experience with Formal Methods: industrial applications, case studies and software tools for applying formal methods and description techniques to the development and analysis of real distributed systems

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