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Powerful Test Metrics

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on January 8, 2010

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What are Powerful Metrics?

Metrics are simply a way to measure specific things you are doing, but you could create hundreds of irrelevant metrics that really don’t move you any closer to solving your everyday problems. Powerful metrics are a small set of indicators that are targeted to help you accomplish a specific set of goals.

Metrics Driven by Specific Goals

Before defining your metrics, ask yourself “What goal(s) am I trying to accomplish?”, then write your goals down. For example, typical goals for a tester might be to:

  • Ensure that each new feature in the release is fully tested
  • Ensure that our release date is realistic
  • Ensure that existing features don’t break with the new release

Now that we have our goals defined, let’s figure out how we can create a set of metrics to help us accomplish them.

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