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Cloud load testing

Posted in Load testing by testing in London on March 28, 2011

Shrimathi Ambastha, director of technology, VMware India, agrees, “The efficiency of any applications and infrastructure, get exposed only when it undergoes load and performance testing. The choice of the testing algorithm and tools has impacted the way in which applications and infrastructure perform.” Apparently, cloud testing has traditionally been used to refer to load and performance testing of websites. However, with increasing maturity of technology, all kinds of enterprise software can be tested for functional and performance issues before going in for full fledged enterprise deployment. Also Dhiraj Sinha, executive director, applications technology group, Dell Services says, “One could look at 2 aspects of cloud testing, a) Testing the cloud infrastructure and b) testing applications for delivery over the cloud , for instance, Software-as-a-service ( SaaS ) model. In both cases, the variables that need to be considered during testing increase significantly as compared to the traditional testing as every layer can be virtualized and therefore, comprehensive testing prior to deployment of the infrastructure as well as the applications is a necessity.”

Testing of methodology must for good research

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on March 26, 2011

From The Times Of India

Inaugurating the workshop, A K Srivastava, former head, psychology department, BHU, said, “Seeing the problem from a new angle and going into its minute details are key for good research.”

The senior psychologist from BHU also emphasised the need for testing the validity of research instruments and methodology for good research study on the occasion.

Factory Acceptance Test

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on March 18, 2011

From The Street

TransCore successfully completes factory acceptance testing and certification of the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to be used statewide. The first installation will be on North Carolina’s Triangle Expressway in the Research Triangle Park.
Factory acceptance testing was a fundamental criteria to validate the toll collection system prior to being successfully delivered to the Turnpike Authority. TransCore technology was subjected to the Turnpike Authority controlled testing, evaluating the performance of the Encompass®6 multiprotocol RFID readers, the eGo® Plus RFID paper-thin, batteryless windshield sticker tags, and the eZGo Anywhere™ multiprotocol RFID transponders.
“Completion of the factory acceptance tests represents a key milestone in preparing for the Triangle Expressway opening and proves the TransCore RFID technology provides the interoperability we need to have in place with the other major toll operators along the East Coast,” explained Turnpike Authority Director of Operations Barry Mickle.

Software testing viewpoint

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on March 15, 2011

From Sitesoftware

Just as the act of programming is a highly artistic and creative endeavour (anyone who can visualise a coherent application from a load of “1″s, “0″s and funny symbols is clearly intensely intuitive and creative); so offshore QA testing is an inherently artistic process. First, software testing companies have to invent ways of testing software that meaningfully investigate its interaction with humans on every level – from the intuitive structure of commands and prompts all the way through to higher level functions like playability or soundscape. And all of this has to be pinned to the intent of the programme – a fact that demands another intuitive leap. Playability, for example, doesn’t come into a piece of word processing software – so the software QA testing company must develop ways of testing each piece of software for what it is without deviating from proven test routines. This is high level adaptability: and all adaptability, which involves creative connections, intuitive leaps, sideways thinking, is art. Therefore, software testing is both science and art. QED.

ALM briefing on QA Testing

Posted in Events and improvement by testing in London on March 14, 2011

From Microsoft

The ALM Briefing “Quality Assurance & Testing” will only scratch the surface of this important topic, but give you exciting insights in how we do quality assurance and testing at Microsoft, what the requirements are for a good testing tool from an independent expert’s perspective; and last but not least an overview of the new testing capabilities in Visual Studio 2010.

This event is aimed at QA or development managers, technical and non-technical testers, business analysts, and quality-conscious developers working on cross-functional teams. The technical level of this briefing is 100 (introductory and overview material); it assumes little or no expertise.

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