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Posted in Software testing by testing in London on March 15, 2011

From Sitesoftware

Just as the act of programming is a highly artistic and creative endeavour (anyone who can visualise a coherent application from a load of “1″s, “0″s and funny symbols is clearly intensely intuitive and creative); so offshore QA testing is an inherently artistic process. First, software testing companies have to invent ways of testing software that meaningfully investigate its interaction with humans on every level – from the intuitive structure of commands and prompts all the way through to higher level functions like playability or soundscape. And all of this has to be pinned to the intent of the programme – a fact that demands another intuitive leap. Playability, for example, doesn’t come into a piece of word processing software – so the software QA testing company must develop ways of testing each piece of software for what it is without deviating from proven test routines. This is high level adaptability: and all adaptability, which involves creative connections, intuitive leaps, sideways thinking, is art. Therefore, software testing is both science and art. QED.

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