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Acceptance criteria

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on April 29, 2011

This extract is from Chapter 25 of a book that I found online. This chapter deals with acceptance testing in fact it starts by advising that acceptance testing should be like voting – do it early and do it often. I t then goes on to the role of eductating the customer on acceptance testing. The extract below is from the passage on acceptance criteria:

Remind the customer that she defined acceptance criteria in the acceptance tests. Anything that causes an acceptance criterion not to be met is a defect. This is why you invest time in making sure the acceptance tests are thorough and that the development team has clearly understood the customer’s requirements. The customer needs to understand that in spite of the best efforts and best XP practices of the team, some defects will probably be discovered by acceptance tests, andafew may even make it past both the unit and acceptance tests. Explain the options available for handling these defects.

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