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Testing a developer’s patience

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on April 30, 2011

I read a press release on the importance of software testing. You;d think it would be hard to disagree with the story here. But I must admit that amongst all the software testing promotion I did find this:

If you are a software development firm then you should know that carrying out software testing services can take a while so you should wait for the results patiently. There are so many details to be taken care of that the software testing company will take some time putting your software through several testing phases.

Now on the surface this may sound sensible. But why should the software developers be patient. I think they should be impatient and loud about it too. It is not unreasonable to expect testĀ preparation to begin before the software product under test is ready for testing. It’s not unreasonable to expect that components of the software product can be tested early. There are lots of value a software testing company can add without forcing the developers to test their own patience.

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  1. Bill Echlin said,

    I think you can look at this from both sides and argue equally strongly from both sides. It’s all very well saying you expect test preparation to begin before the software product under test is ready but that can only be done well if the product is well specified and documented. And yes you can test certain components of the software product early but only if those components lend them selves well to testing in isolation.

    So whilst I agree whole heartedly with what you suggest this only really happens when both the test team and the development team are working well together. Early test preparation and testing of components is a laudable goal. It’s only going to happen if the test and development teams work together right from the outset to provide a product that is easy to test though. And that means good documentation and software product that’s written with testing in mind.

    So a lot of this comes down to documentation and communication. I’d suggest that there are a few questions you should ask about your test documentation if you are going avoid testing the patience of both the test team and the development team.

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