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Cloud based application performance testing

Posted in Load testing by testing in London on May 3, 2011

There is a webinar on May 10 2011 covering cloud based application performance testing. That’s testing the performance of applications that are in the cloud, rather than using cloud based performance testing for applications (that aren’t necessarily in the cloud).

“Join this webinar to see how the OpSource Cloud platform, combined with ZSL’s ZLOAD testing framework, provides clients with a cost-effective solution to conduct on-demand performance and scalability testing on an application. Topics covered will include:

  • Types of tests most important for testing applications in the cloud.
  • Using a wide range of performance tests (load, stress, reliability, spike, etc.) to generate a thorough understanding of system behaviour.
  • A general approach to performance testing.
  • A live product demo of ZSL’s ZLOAD testing framework.”

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