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Testing a sat nav for the supermarket

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 28, 2011

There is a news story about how Tesco are testing a new mobile application that finds the best route for getting your shopping around the store. It seems that you put your shopping list into this mobile app and it tells you where all the things you want to buy are. Then it works out the best route for you too.

“The app uses dozens of wifi hotspots already installed for staff. By comparing their signal strength, it can pinpont a shopper’s position. It currently only works on phones running Google’s Android software but could eventually be available on all mobiles. “

If its only on Google Android phones then it will cut down the amount of mobile device testing required. With the variety of smartphones about at the moment mobile app testing has increased in importance (and amount of testing done).

Only one drawback is that there is only one store involved in the test. And unless you live in the Romford area, you may miss being involved in this test..

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