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Acceptance test RFP

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on October 31, 2011

This is from a public RFP issued in October. It gives an idea of how important acceptance testing is to some contracts:

“…requires four types of acceptance tests: functional, performance, reliability and availability. The Proposed Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) should address all four types of acceptance tests.

Acceptance tests will be conducted first on each System Component (e.g., CAD, Mobile, LRMS, Field Reporting and FRMS) independently. Upon acceptance of all System Components, a final set of Functional, Performance and Reliability Acceptance Tests will be performed on the integrated System to ensure that all Components work together as intended and at the contracted performance levels. The County will notify the Proposer of the successful completion of each test in accordance with task completion requirements in the Statement of Work.

In the event a Level 1 Error is corrected by the Proposer, then subsequently fails on two (2) additional occasions within the test period, the County has the right to be refunded all previous payments under the Contract.”

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