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Testing in London – November 2011

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 19, 2011

A collection of London testing stories leading up to 2012. Starting with one from on London 2012: Why the Olympics CIO is preparing for the worst

Teams from London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog) and its technology suppliers are currently in the final stages of testing software and hardware before rolling it out to Olympic and Paralympic venues. Alongside this testing, tech teams are taking part in dummy runs of Olympic events and making sure the tech supporting each event performs as expected.

The real test of the Olympics technology will take place during three days of technical rehearsals in the months before the games begin. During these rehearsals, hundreds of different nightmare scenarios will be thrown at technical staff to see how they – and the infrastructure – cope.

Then a story from the BBC on Cyber attack tests for Olympic Games computer systems

Security testing on the system will be carried out in a specially isolated version of the Olympic network, using an in-house team of pretend hackers.

“We simulate past competitions and we have a shadow team of about 100 people coming and creating problems – injecting viruses, disconnecting PC servers,” said Patrick Adiba from Atos, the company managing the games’ IT systems.

And finally one from ITWeb on BT delivers hosted voice, video, data for London 2012 venues :

The announcement comes after a successful summer of London 2012 test events, as part of the London Prepares series, where LOCOG is testing crucial aspects of its operations. BT successfully delivered hosted voice services to the international beach volleyball, sailing, swimming, road cycling, basketball, BMX and badminton competitions over this period.

LOCOG’s live testing programme focuses primarily on testing the services located across the venues such as in field of play, front of house and back of house areas, as well as key operational procedures and functions. The test programme will continue through until May 2012.

So it seems a fair bit of testing going on in London at the moment all in preparation for next year!

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