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Open Source Automated Testing Tool

Posted in Automated testing,testing tool by testing in London on October 28, 2011

From PRNewswire

Gorilla Logic,, a leader in enterprise application development services and creators of open source test tools for mobile and rich Internet applications, today announced the availability of new independent research from Ovum Technology, an objective analyst firm that enables organizations to make better business and technology decisions. The report written by principal analyst, Michael Azoff, emphasizes, “For any mobile application developers targeting Apple iOS and the Flash platform, FoneMonkey should be considered for testing and QA purposes.”

Automating software testing

Posted in Automated testing by testing in London on May 23, 2011

A researcher from the University of Twente has developed an automated testing system that removes any need for manual software testing. Machiel van der Bijl, the researcher, describes the system as quick and accurate and predicts that it provides significant cost savings for developers of software.

He said “Software testing easily accounts for a third to half of total development costs. Our automated method can improve product quality and significantly shorten the testing phase, thereby greatly reducing the cost of software development.”

If you’d like to know more about this software testing automation research a digital version of the dissertation ‘On Changing Models in Model-Based Testing’ then contact Machiel van der Bijl +31(0)6-1642 6332).

Real automated testing

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing by testing in London on November 28, 2009

From Information Week

Whatever buttons users can press, whatever values they can enter, we can see and do with automation. But applying inputs is only the first part of manual testing. Human testers can see subtle variations that lead them to say “that’s a bug.” This is the primary limiting aspect of automation. Programs aren’t good at seeing output and processing behaviour. They can see crashes. But they can’t notice major bugs like navigating to the wrong page or rendering an image incorrectly.

Automated testing

Automated testing with Selenium

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing by testing in London on October 7, 2009

From PC Quest

For any software development project, testing is an integral and important process. To assure that all components of an application are working as per plan and producing desired results, comprehensive testing is done for an application. To aid these efforts, there are tools available that help in automating the process of testing and eliminating repetitive work for a tester. Selenium is a portable software testing framework specifically designed for web applications. For software testers who need to record and play their tests, Selenium provides the facility to record a web activity process of the application and then generate a test case based on that. He can then run those test cases continuously without having to manually conduct the constituent steps again and again thereby eliminating repetitive work. Even for software developers, Selenium API is available which helps them to author test cases in Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and other languages.

Borland adapt Silk for agile development

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on July 24, 2009

From Information Week

Borland has adapted its Silk line of software testing tools to better accommodate modern development methods, particularly Agile-style development.

Agile is a widely adopted programming method with varied approaches, but in general, it relies on small teams, concentrated development efforts called sprints, frequent user feedback, and frequent testing — by the developers, long before a separate quality assurance team gets its hands on the code.

In its own experience implementing Agile methods, Borland found “Agile developers are being asked to go beyond unit and function tests, but they don’t own all the paths to the application,” Wilby said. In complex Web and enterprise infrastructures, applications may encounter conditions that the Agile developers did not anticipate or test for.

Automated functional test tool

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on July 9, 2009

From PR Web

Telesis LLC, a leading provider of solutions that accelerate and mature functional software testing processes, today announced the release of its Business Testing Triage Tool, BT3 Version 2.4. BT3 V2.4 integrates Telesis’ patented Business Priority Process TM with existing automated functional testing frameworks, thereby accelerating testing cycles and optimizing resources.

“Given the economic climate today, companies absolutely must improve the way they test software,” said Patty Sue Williams, President of Telesis. “It is no longer acceptable to deliver software that doesn’t satisfy end-users or doesn’t work, much less doing so over budget and late.”

Selection Strategy for Web Testing Tools

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 10, 2009

From Software Development Magazine

What have our test tools done for our web application development? Just a few months after adopting JUnit, Canoo WebTest and FitNesse, we had a suite of regression tests that gave us a useful safety net, and our defect rate was going down dramatically. Today, three years later, we have increased our test numbers by a factor of ten or more. Our regression suites, running many times per day in two continuous builds, catch bugs at least a few times a week. Our rate of defects introduced during development is down by half. We have time and tools to do robust exploratory testing and load testing. Most importantly, but harder to measure, using our tests to drive development has resulted in features that delighted our customers.

Test automation is a big investment, but carefully done, it returns many times what you put into it. You need enough resources to first define what you need, then investigate your options, then to try out tools.

Automated UAT

Posted in Acceptance testing,Automated testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 30, 2009

From IBS Publishing

Schroders underwent three months of automated testing before it brought in end-users to check if the tool had identified the majority of issues. It ran a two day UAT testing session with a number of users to gauge their reaction to the system and identify any further fixes required. ‘They came back with very few issues, much less than in other releases and that was the first test they were involved in,’ says Fischer. ‘They were not able to identify more than a dozen issues.’

This is not to say that an automated tool can completely replace the UAT process. As stated above, the manual testing still identified problems with the upgraded system that needed fixing despite three months of automated checking. There are certainly limitations to what the system is able to look for. One example from the bank is that ‘you cannot test the reaction of the system in case of a wrong input, because it will only capture successful transactions’.

Empirix testing tool

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 26, 2009

As TMCnet recently reported, Empirix has been snapping up awards in recent years for its VoIP Testing and Monitoring solutions and last month were again honored when Frost & Sullivan awarded the company with its 2009 Global VoIP Test & Monitoring Equipment Market Leadership of the Year Award.

Hammer Edge emulates the realistic behaviour of users and devices required to test elements at the network edge, including border controllers, firewalls and deep packet inspection devices, as well as security and application level gateways––in both secure and unsecured network topologies.

Hammer Edge emulates millions of users on a single chassis with high performance and realistic testing of multiservice scenarios. The system can be easily incorporated into existing test plans and automation environments.

Empirix OneSight

Automated test tool upgrade

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 18, 2009


AutomatedQA today introduced TestComplete™ 7 featuring script-free automated test creation and major upgrades to increase usability. TestComplete is a comprehensive automated software testing tool used by companies around the world to increase software quality and reduce the cost of QA and software testing. TestComplete 7 is perfect for software development teams new to automated software testing.

TestComplete 7’s enhancements improve ease-of-use for entry-level testers and expand on its versatile capabilities enjoyed by experienced users. It includes keyword testing, for powerful script-free test creation, and uses automatic name mapping to easily keep up with software development changes. The new edition shortens the learning curve for new users and provides more power and control over the automated testing process.

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