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Automated Defect Prevention

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on October 17, 2007

From NDTV Profit

Parasoft Corporation, leading provider of automated solutions and infrastructure services that improve software quality and the development process, today announced the availability of Automated Defect Prevention: Best Practices in Software Management (Wiley, 2007), Dr. Dorota Huizinga, Associated Dean for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton and Dr. Adam Kolawa, CEO of Parasoft Corporation.

This book explains an approach to software development and management that makes quality a continuous process throughout the software development lifecycle. This strategy is enabled by an infrastructure that automates repetitive tasks; tracks project status, and provide instant access to the information needed for informed decision making and process improvement. Applying Automated Defect Prevention (ADP), organizations can evolve a sustainable quality process that delivers predictable outcomes.

“In their authoritative new book, Dorota Huizinga and Adam Kolawa have done an admirable job defining a realistic methodology for implementing infrastructure for automatically preventing defects from getting into software. Is it simple? No, of course not,“ stated Alan Zeichick, Editorial Director, BZ Media’s SD Times. “There’s no silver bullet. But when the software industry is ready to journey toward zero-defect applications, the road will look like Huizinga and Kolawa’s ‘Automated Defect Prevention.’“

The methodology described in the book, which is called Automated Defect Prevention (ADP), stands out from the current software landscape as a result of two unique features: its comprehensive approach to quality as a continuous process, and its far-reaching emphasis on automation. It can be applied to any team, regardless of its structure, projects, or development method. This is not a theoretical book on how to build software under ideal circumstances. Rather, it is a hands-on guide to solving real-world software project problems.

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